Wood & Wire Fencing in Madison, VA

We offer a variety of fencing types in Madison, VA, including wood fencing and wire fencing. Wire fencing can be welded wire, woven wire, barb wire or high tensile wire fencing. Wood fencing styles can have wire attached to them or no wire at all. There are several different types of wood fences, they range from three board, four board, four board estate, five board estate and even two board. Estate style fences are the board fencing with the "X" pattern in them and is a more dressed up style than the standard three board or four board fence.

Wood fences are a great way to border your home and offer beautiful curb appeal.

A very popular fence is a three board or four board fence with welded wire to contain pets.

Woven wire fencing is great for fencing in livestock and makes a great boundary fence. Many people purchase boundary fences to keep unwanted animals and people/hunters off of their property.

Wire fences are the most common type of fencing, in both residential and commercial spaces.

Why Choose a Wood or Wire Fence

Both are excellent options when choosing a border to protect, secure, and beautify your home.
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